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Sin & Sacrifice in Ancient Israel

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In this five part series, Ryan uses research from the ancient Near East and the Hebrew language to show how the ancient Israelite receiving the Torah would have understood the purposes and functions of the sacrificial system as well as how sin and forgiveness were perceived.  If you have ever felt that there was a much deeper meaning to animal sacrifices than we are traditionally taught or if you’ve ever wondered why Ezekiel prophecies of a restoration of the temple and sacrificial system upon Yeshua’s return, this series is for you.  And by understanding these underlying principles, we will gain a better and fuller understanding of the atoning work of Messiah Yeshua.

This teaching is approximately 12 hours and is divided into 5 parts:

The Roadmap to Salvation

    • Are we saved by grace or saved by works?  If we are saved by grace, why do we have to keep the Torah?  In part 1 we will discover how grace and works fit into the big picture of salvation

Sin & Forgiveness in Ancient Israel

    • How was sin understood in Biblical times?  Did you know that there are different levels of sin and that there are separate requirements for each?  In the world we live in today, we have unfortunately become disconnected from understanding the proper way to reconcile after committing a sin against our fellow man.  In part 2, we will discover the Biblical teaching on how to properly deal with our sins.

Yeshua Our Kinsman Redeemer

    • We know that Yeshua died to redeem us and give us everlasting life, but have you ever wondered what gave him the LEGAL right to do so?  Have you ever wondered why exactly he needed to die, why there was no other means for our salvation?  These questions and more are answered in part 3.

Blood Manipulation in Ancient Israel

    • Have you ever wondered why the blood was never put on the sinner when he/she is bringing a sacrifice?  Why was the blood instead wiped on the altar?  In part 4 we will discover the three functions of blood manipulation and how important they are to us understanding not only the animal sacrifices, but also the immense importance of Yeshua’s blood.

Animal Sacrifice in Ancient Israel

    • In this final part, we will tie everything together and get into the core of what the sacrificial system was truly about.  Based off of this, we will finally be able to understand why it is that according to Ezekiel, the sacrificial system will be reinstated in the Millennial Kingdom.